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Business Process Management

We are all about the process: from the data that feeds all your process activities, to business process activities themselves, to the performance measures and KPIs that report on your results. We are experienced practitioners in helping you understand the gaps in your processes and determine the best technology and methods to improve your business processes and solve business challenges.

JMM Process Management Consulting has been providing business analysis and business process improvement consulting to a variety of industries since 2001.

Your business processes are your value chain – the steps by which your people and your systems create products or services for yourcustomers (internal or external customers).Improving your business process usually involves implementing some IT based solution but not always. Most importantly BPM (Business Process Management) is about first clearly knowing the results you need to achieve, then aligning that with technology and resource capabilities – what are your systems capable of, and what skills do your people have or require.

JMM Process Management specializes in discovery of business processes, mapping processes and their interaction with people and systems, identifying requirements for the business and stakeholders, analysing the cleanliness and validity of your data, and ensuring the results you need to see are clearly identified.



  • Business Analysis and Process improvement consulting
  • Data modelling, data architecture, data cleansing
  • Performance Metrics, Business Intelligence