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Excel Entropy – Another Chapter from Microsoft Mania

The Problem Here is a common business problem that I have seen develop in every (no exceptions) business and organization that I have worked with over the past 12 years. I like to call it Excel Entropy if only to keep the alliterations constant as I work on another post called ‘The Folder Forest’ and […]

Removing the White Space

So I’m bound to be asked why is the blog called, ‘Removing the White Space’? So here it is. I’m not sure where I originally heard it or read it, but one perspective on BPM (Business Process Management) considers the view that most organizations operate within the functional silos of the departments within their business. […]

Business focused Microsoft training

Have you or your employees ever taken an course in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel in hopes of learning new things with that application that will make your job easier? Did it turn out as your thought? Studies show that on average people retain between 10-20% of the material taught in classroom style lessons on […]

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