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My skills are not industry specific. Every  business and has a value chain, every organization has a customer of one form or another, and every business process is meant to achieve a purpose.

Research has shown that factors leading to poor productivity in business costs businesses more than $100 Bn per year in the USA. All businesses large and small experience it although most have no firm estimate of the value of the waste. In addition if the time and areas of waste were transformed into productive effort the benefit would be compounded.

I have had the fortune of working with many businesses since 2002, and while experience in the Oil & Gas, Lumber manufacturing and Healthcare have given me deeper insights into the subtleties of the those industries the payoff for me has been in sharpening my skills.

Computer use is ubiquitous in business today; Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint are dominant in most every business and notoriously poorly used. A great deal of my work has, due to one reason or another, focused on training people on how to use these programs more productively, and more importantly, how to ensure the time spent using these applications adds value to the objective of the work (unfortunately, often employees are not clear on the end objective of their work and they work solely within their functional silo).

Apache Corporation, Oil and Gas