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Business focused Microsoft training

Have you or your employees ever taken an course in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel in hopes of learning new things with that application that will make your job easier? Did it turn out as your thought?

Studies show that on average people retain between 10-20% of the material taught in classroom style lessons on computer application use – it’s not time and money well spent.

What we do requires more upfront discovery but it results in far more productive learning. We spend a short time with your employees (usually 2-6 hours) to see how they use the applications, but also to get an idea of the end-goal of the work they are doing. ‘What is the document flow?’, ‘What is the work-flow?’, and what is the most effective way to use the applications to serve the purpose of the work.

From there we design the seminars around the skills they need.

A small investment in time upfront results in a much better learning experience and greater long-term productivity.

Call or send us a comment below to find out how we can help you and your company become more productive.

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